Doing up an old house? – exterior paint removal

This is some work we recently did for Mr & Mrs Barrett of Burton Lazars. They are renovating an old cottage and like many old houses it’s undergone many changes over the years. One of these was a ‘lean to’ building at the back of the property. Previous residents had then painted what were the exterior walls.

exterior painted wallsexterior paint removal before

Efforts had been made by the owners to try and remove the paint themselves but with only limited success despite lots of effort. Fortunately their builder, Rob Allen of Stonecroft Country Homes pointed them in our direction.

wall after the owners best effortsowners did lots themselves

Using specialist cleaning chemicals for the type of paints involved and then using very high pressure from our self contained pressure washing unit we were able to remove the paint that had been there for many years and leave the brickwork ready for re-pointing by the builders.

cleaned and ready for re-pointingwhere has the paint gone?looking as good as new

The owners are understandably over the moon with the results which exceeded what they had expected.

This is an example of the work we can undertake. There are lots of people advertising that they can do pressure washing and exterior cleaning. My advise is to check out examples of work they have actually done – genuine companies will be proud to show you.

Our pressure washing expertise goes well beyond ordinary driveway and patio cleaning. Whatever your requirements call your local experts.