Decking Cleaning

Decking Cleaning. Has your decking lost its original colour and beauty? Has your decking become dangerously slippery when wet?

Rutland Driveway Cleaning Decking Cleaning can revive your decking and bring it back to ‘as new’

Decking Cleaning the Rutland Driveway Cleaning Company Home Decking BeforeWooden decking has grown in popularity over the past decade, encouraged by endless gardening and home improvement programmes.

What these shows don’t tell you is that decking requires regular maintenance to keep it looking at its best or else it will quickly lose its visual appeal.

The climate in this country provides the perfect breeding ground for moss and algae that can over time discolour the decking and turn it into a very slippery place to venture when it gets wet.

Rutland Driveway Cleaning will carefully refurbish your decking, together with any wooden garden furniture which is usually affected in the same way.

Decking Cleaning the Rutland Driveway Cleaning Company Home Decking Above

The surface is treated with a fungicidal wash to kill off the spores of the moss and algae and then pressure wash the entire Decking Cleaning area. Our flat surface cleaner the striping or banding problems that can be associated with a high-pressure wand.

Following the Decking Cleaning process high quality deck oil can be applied. The oiling process enhances and protects the decking and prevents the build up of algae and moss, thus extending the period that the decking remains looking at its best for.

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    5 Stage Cleaning Process

    Stage 1
    Full assessment of area to be cleaned identifying any areas requiring particular attention.
    Stage 2
    Rid the decking of any surface soiling and debris.
    Stage 3
    Pre-treat with a fungicidal solution and scrub into the surface to kill off moss and algae.
    Stage 4
    Pressure wash the entire area.
    Stage 5
    Where required return to apply decking oil.